Emerald ( chemical formula : the Be 3 , Al 2 (the SiO 3 ) 6 ) as gemstones or precious green of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are in the Beryl family. Beryl is a mineral that has many variants including aquamarine, blue, yellow, beryl or heliotide yellow. Red Beryl Pink is called mercury. The quality of emerald is in the color if it is green throughout the tablet, it is high quality. All natural emerald blamed must have. White streaks, black spots, rusty, opaque white. The stalk looks like a coriander root called "garden" (jardin).

Emerald quality is good or not. But consider the amount and the poses of the blame. (No need to continue to blur until the stone. Or from one edge to the other. This may affect the application may not be durable), which may affect the light emanating from the emerald. If there is more to the gemstone will look opaque. There is no sparkle, which is often cut after the pawns or behind the turtle. If the light is solid and not light, and the pale green is the lowest quality emerald. Emerald is imitating. Synthesize and improve quality. It should be checked before buying because it is a very expensive gemstone. (If the quality is very good and large then), some cases are barely separated with the naked eye.

The emerald has many shades. A very important and well-known source worldwide. Emerald from Colombia The most valuable mines in the world are usually higher than other sources and are often cited. There are significant mines which produce different emeralds. Chivor mines are emerald green. And Muzo (emerald green) emerald green. Care should not put heavy work. Because the impact is not good, it is fragile. Avoid chemical, perfume and hair spray.