Ericsson Showcases 5G Network Technology with Demonstration of New Network Benefits

Ericsson organizes "Do Zone", demonstrating the technologies and innovations that offer the benefits of 5G technology, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual networking. Cloud Infrastructure Raises 5G and IoT Technology from MWC 2018 to Thailand

Ericsson, Sweden's leading communications innovator Offering a wide range of 5G technologies, from enhanced mobile broadband to industrial solutions. And the use of consumer applications. And many other important technologies.

Create 5G in the future with the current 4G.

4G technology today is compatible with 5G as well in areas where there is a lot of service. I can put a 5G antenna to support it. The device will automatically connect to each other.

In this event, Ericsson launches its commercial software. The radio network (RAN) infrastructure for the latest 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) 5G technology has recently been approved. This software complements all of Ericsson's baseband and 5G radio transmitter product lines. So, all of Ericsson's Radio Systems have been installed since. 2015 will be able to support 5G NR by installing the software. This will increase the amount of data that will be available to access multimedia content. 4K / 8K Video Streaming, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

The 5G is a great addition to the speed of data transmission. Latency is also less than traditional networks. We can use 5G with new tasks that require real time results. Like remote control robot The movement of the controller will move the robot immediately without delay. Or very serious. Train control It can be prioritized to send control information to other transmitters.

Ericsson also offers a new antenna called Street Macro. The smaller antenna supports the 2100 and 1800. It can be mounted on the street. Stick with fire. Suitable for the tough pole location. The use of 5G networks will reduce the cost of the service. The cost of 5G data is just one in 10 of the cost of 4G data (the amount of data sent is divided by the cost of the investment. In addition, many were dropped because of new technology. The cost of communication, such as the cost of electricity. It was reduced because of the smaller equipment. Employee costs have fallen because of the clever system. No need to employ a lot of staff to take care. Lower cost of equipment I upgraded to the old version of the software.

Push Massive IoT to come true.

Massive IoT can be achieved with the Ericsson Platform's connectivity solutions. And the ecosystem of things in IoT to bring something new to the market, where Ericsson's ready-made IoT solutions will be able to work together with existing systems such as Connected Urban Transport. Integrate all systems together. Helps agencies with traffic management to see the data and overview. This will help to better manage city traffic.

Automated operation with insights.

Streamlined network analysis enables accurate, more useful customer experience management. Ericsson Expert Analytics enables true customer experience analysis with in-depth network-based insights. Real-time relationships that work in different domains.

Internet for Skills

Internet of skills refers to the ability to use a communication network that not only broadcasts audio. It also includes sensory integration with virtual reality technology. Ericsson Research's real-time demo is another level of distance communication for the healthcare system. It shows the remote diagnosis and sends data through the network.

With the development of standards and technology for many years, 5G is entering the commercial application phase. Ericsson today signed 39 memoranda of understanding with several service providers for trial. More importantly. Ericsson also signed several commercial contracts, which are scheduled to be delivered by the end of this year.

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