Black Hole

Black Hole ( UK : Black hole golf course ) refers to objects in the universe where gravity is very high, nothing out of this area, not even light , except for black holes together. We do not see the center of the black hole. The black hole will have one area that is its own boundary. Horizon Events at Schwarzschild radius If the object falls into the event horizon. The object must accelerate faster than the speed of light to fall out of the horizon. It is not possible for any object to have more speed than light. The object can not come out anymore.

When a massive star falls apart It may leave the darkest thing. But there is the ultimate destructive power behind. Astronomers call this a "black hole". We can not see black holes. Any telescope because the black hole does not emit light or radiation. But can be detected. Radio telescope Black holes and gravitational waves (theoretical project an ice GOP ) and to date has discovered black holes in the universe, at least 6.

Black holes are the ruins of a star that has reached its end. The material that had been constituted by the star was compressed by its gravitational pull, leaving only a denser mass smaller than the nucleus of a single atom , which is called a singularity.

Black holes can be classified into 4 types, namely, the supermassive black hole. A black hole in the center of the galaxy, a medium black hole , a black hole from the star. It is caused by the decay of stars, and the tiny black holes or quantum black holes. Which occurred in the early days of the universe.

Although not visible within the black hole. For example, a black hole may be observed by tracking an orbiting star within the center of a black hole. Gas may be observed. (From neighboring stars) that are attracted to the black hole. The gas will roll into the inside. And will heat up to high temperatures and the release of radiation, the larger can be detected by a telescope in orbit around the Earth The survey results in the scientific consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the universe.

The concept of an object with force enough to keep the lights went out, it was proposed by astronomer amateur British John Michel in 1783 and later, in 1795, French physicist. Pierre - permeability of Laplace was the same conclusion according to the latest understanding. Black hole is described by General relativity It predicts that when there is a very large mass in a small area. The paths in the free space are distorted to the center of the volume. To prevent any object or radiation. Can come out

The general theory of relativity explains that black holes are free spaces that are uniquely situated at the center and at the horizon. This explanation changed when discovered. Quantum mechanics The research in this section shows that apart from black holes, objects are always pulled. There is also a gradual liberation of internal energy called the Hawking Rays, and may eventually be terminated. However, there is still no explanation for the quantum theory of black holes .